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Paardenbloem/Pissenlit/Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale): Not a herb of the Sun, but of the solar plexus and of Jupiter and Sagittarius. Jupiter represents our capacity to look beyond the horizon, to have a vision for ourselves and for the world. Our solar plexus (located at the pit of our stomach) represents our willpower.

Dandelion therefore provides the clarity, the confidence and the strength to act on our dreams. It does so by first removing stagnant, damp heat, toxicity, anger and bitterness from the liver (the roots especially). It then thins and disperses excess fluids (the leaves are diuretic, cfr. the french "piss-en-lit"... :-)

As a spring cleanser, it removes stagnation and gets things moving, as a spring tonic, it will nourrish (the roots especially) and remineralise (the leaves).

Now that stagnation is a thing of the past, and that we're clear, free and mobile, we can move forward and take our dreams out into the world. Or, as Dandelion would say: dare to dream, show your teeth (dent-de-lion), make a wish... and blow!

A word of caution: don't use the stems, they can hurt the stomach. Dandelion as a whole is to be avoided by those suffering from galbladder issues (like tumors, stones and accute infections), blockages in the intestines, diabetes, stomach acid, or water retention due to heart or kidney disease. Consult your physician if you're prone to allergies or on medication.

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