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As Above,So Below

Astrology & Herbs for Body, Mind & Soul

Meet Caroline [NL? - zie Services]

Second Generation Astrologer & Certified Herbalist

Meet the Astro-Herbalist, who recognises universal patterns in both people and plants, and who uses herbs to help restore the blueprint of who you are.

If your "Venus function" is a little off (both in your body and in your heart), a herb that embodies Venus will guide you to greater equilibrium. If your "Mars function" is weak (both in your blood, your muscles and in your spirit), a herb that embodies Mars will help restore your strength. If your "Sun" is clouded over, and your back is bent because you no longer know who you are, a herb that embodies the Sun will help you find your center and stand tall, literally.

Herbs are multidimensional, just as we are. Historically, healthcare was never just about treating symptoms and patching up broken bodies. It was about awakening the vital spirit of the body, restoring equilibrium to the heart, liberating the mind, and elevating the soul. An ambitious undertaking, but as our oldest allies, plants are up to the task. 

As an astrologer and herbalist, I see deeply into both people and plants, and specialize in matching the right herb to the right person. Meet the Astro-Herbalist, a matchmaker who moves heaven and earth (quite literally) to facilitate health, wellbeing, transformation and initation.

I am honoured to walk this path with you. My intention is that, as I guide you closer to nature, your own true nature blossoms.

Blessings and good health, 


Caroline Depuydt, M.A. & MSc.

Guestlecturer "Holistic Herbalism" at Syntra

Regular Contributor to magazine

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

My Own Story?

My story starts before I was born. My mum studied religion. My dad developed an interest in astrology... and in her. (Good thinking dad!) Spirituality, astrology and alternative healthcare became their shared passions. Both me and my brother first went off into different directions - I became head of the Flemish representation to the UN climate change negotiations - but in the end we both circled back to our roots

While policy work was interesting, I felt I had zero impact and of course the negotiations weren't moving. Deep down, I also knew that technological advances and legal finetuning were not going to cut it. The ecological crisis is a spiritual crisis. We have lost connection with the earth we depend on. I left my job and started working - as an independent consultant - on leadership development for sustainable development. Along the way, however, I lost touch with the ecosystem I myself depend on: my body. I ended up catching a virus. As a result, my health and my business broke down.








During these years of isolation and desperation, I started studying nutritional science and herbalism. I had always been convinced of the importance of natural healthcare, and this was clearly an excellent time to delve a little deeper. 

While studying herbalism, I realised that, historically, healthcare and astrology had always gone hand in hand: Back in the days of Hippocrates, a physician who did not master medical astrology was considered a quack. What astrology does, is provide a picture of the person as a whole, which is really the key to figuring out where the imbalance is coming from : "It's more important to know what sort of person has a disease, than to know what sort of disease a person has" - Hippocrates. I dove into my parent's library and started learning astrology with them - thanks mum! - which definitely speeded things up. 



Eventually, I picked up the threads of my former career (I'm currently working in the field of learning & development). There didn't seem to be room for two professions, but due to popular demand, and because I don't want medical astrology to die out just when we are starting to rediscover it, I have revived De Astro-Herborist.


So much for my story, which is of course still unfolding! If your own journey has led you here, and you are on a crossroad, then I look forward to meeting you there. 


Benefits of

astrological guidance

in combination with herbs?

Together, they can help restore...


Time to call upon the herbs of the Sun, to connect with your essence and shine more brightly 


Let's bring in some herbs of Mercury, Messenger of the Gods.


A wake-up call to your inner Warrior, using Mars plants.


No light without darkness, no masculine without feminine, and no Sun without Moon. Discover the benefits of Moon plants to help restore wholeness, in your body, mind and soul.

Inner Balance

Who says "balance", says Venus (planet of love, beauty...) and her associated plants.

Outer Flow

Let's call on Jupiter, "Santa Claus" of the Planets, to get things moving in your body, in your projects, etc.



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“Dank je voor je openheid, je ontvankelijkheid en alles wat je tijdens het gesprek bij mij teweeg bracht.

Ik merk dat ik dankzij de kruiden overtollig vocht afdrijf, en tegelijkertijd minder last heb van nachtzweten. Ik ben minder neerslachtig en vermoeid, en zelfs mentaal is er een zuivering aan de gang.

Ik slaag er weer in "Nee" te zeggen, wanneer dat nodig is, en anderzijds sta ik voor het eerst sinds lang weer open voor anderen. Dat is het mooiste geschenk van allemaal.”

— F.

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Olmenlaan 13, 1770 Liedekerke, Belgium


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Fresh herbs from the garden and the different types of oils for massage and aromatherapy..
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